Dissertation writing tips

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Dissertation writing tips

A doctoral thesis for defense under the own rules of St. Petersburg State University is a summing up of all the scientific activities of an applicant. The topic of my thesis is “Early Stages of Evolution of Salamanders and the Transition from Stem to Crown Salamanders”. Simply put, I described the evolutionary development of these animals from ancient and primitive representatives to modern, with many of the samples studied – the ancient remnants – I myself collected on expeditions. In the dissertation, I talked about my paleontological surveys over several years, about what results were achieved, and why this is important. In terms of this “summary” should be small, I only got about 70 pages.

The volume of the thesis on the rules of the Higher Attestation Commission averages 300 pages. In my opinion, such an array of text is redundant. For example, in the thesis the applicant must list all the materials that he investigated. According to the rules of St. Petersburg State University, it is not necessary to do this, so my work does not list hundreds of samples, but there are links to scientific articles, where there are all lists.

The applicant may submit his report in Russian or English. I prepared a speech in Russian, focusing on the fact that most of the documents related to the protection procedure are read in Russian. Since the speech is accompanied by a simultaneous translation into a second language, it does not play a special role in which language the report is prepared and the work is discussed.

Dissertation writing tips. On the eve of the day of defense, I was worried that something would break and would not go according to plan. But the University services that provided the entire organization were well prepared. I was especially worried about how the virtual presence of foreign members of the dissovet would be organized, but everything went smoothly: there were no failures in the online broadcast, and synchronist translators coped well with their work.

There was, however, one unplanned situation, when a member of the UK council confused the defense time due to the difference in time zones. But we managed to solve this problem in time.Depending on the topic of scientific work, there are four types of bibliography design – alphabetical, thematic, chronological, in order of mentioning in the main text. The main task of this list is to display complete information about the sources used.

The recommended amount of scientific work is 300 pages of printed text. Each A4 sheet should contain thirty lines of sixty characters each (including spaces).